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Petitioning: Theresa May

Don’t let Theresa May turn her back on Brexit, our voice must be heard

On June 23rd, 2016 a clear majority voted to leave the European Union.

Theresa May has made it clear that she wants to leave the European Union in name only. We’ll remain part of all integrated aspects.

Theresa May and the government seems to think they can turn their backs on the result, while the Labour party ‘change their [Brexit] policy as often as most people change their underpants’ (Jacob Rees-Mogg MP).

The electorate took the government at their word when they said they would honour the outcome of the EU referendum vote.

There is nothing more important in a free democracy than the value of your vote. 17.4 million people cannot be ignored. This was the biggest democratic decision of a generation and it must be honoured.

Tell Theresa May that your voice is not being heard and that she should be speaking for the majority.

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