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Reignite Britain’s Promise

Reignite has a vision for an outward looking Britain where truly free markets allow for a free and prosperous nation.

Reignite was founded in October 2017 and has grown to become Britain’s largest right-leaning political organisation with more than 250,000 registered supporters.

We will focus on three core activities: digital activism, on the ground campaigning, and recruiting and training grassroots activists.

Whether it’s online, on the phone, on campus, or at the front door, we’re building a permanent infrastructure giving voice to the principles of less government and greater freedom – for use at all times, not just on the eve of an election.

Reignite was founded by Sam Frost and Anne Sutherland who both passionately campaigned to free the United Kingdom from the shackles of the European Union.


Reignite is able to accomplish great things through the help of our strategic partners. Working together with emerging organisations, we’re able to advanve our common values.


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